Sunday, August 10, 2008

Campology and the Georgia Aquarium

Sorry for not posting lately, but I've been at Campology! Campology is a summer camp that's all about science. They have different themes every year and this year I went to ocean camp! It has been really fun.
On Thursday, we had a seafood lunch and I stuffed myself with food I had never tried before! One of the things was a crab leg. I liked it, but it was really weird. Also, I tried a clam, which I didn't like. It had a nice taste, but it was all rubbery! The clam chowder was good, but I avoided the clam in it. The best thing was the scallops, though. They tasted like salty chicken and were very tender. They also had normal food for the picky eaters, like shell pasta and "octopus hot dogs" (Hot dogs with their bottom parts cut into eight sections). The desert was better still: I can still taste the delicious frosted cookies shaped like fish. They also had Jello with Swedish Fish in it and Jello shaped like a lobster.
We also had water day, where we played on the "Slip N' Slide of Death". It wasn't blown up, and there were lots of rocks underneath, and... well, you get the picture. I still have the cut on my leg from it. Oh, well.
But on Friday, we got up at 5 in the morning and drove to the Georgia Aquarium. It was so amazing! Here are some (OK, a lot) of pictures from my time there.

These little guys are called garden eels. They spend most of their time in the ground and sifting sand for food. They go in their holes when they are alarmed.

Here is a jellyfish. Their display was amazing: It was a huge tank with a lot of them floating around in it.

These are moon jellyfish. In their tank, a light changed colors to make the look like they were changing colors. When I took this, the light was changing from blue to purple.

This was a beautiful fish in the coral reef exhibit. I don't know what kind he is, but isn't he cool?

Here's another fish I don't know! I guess I didn't study enough at ocean camp! =)

Here are some Beluga Whales. It was amazing to watch them in the water; they did flips and all sorts of stuff. It looked like they were showing off for us.

This is just a plant. Cool, huh?

This is an African penguin, so you won't see any ice in his exhibit!

See the huge spotted fish in there? That's a Whale Shark, and that one is just a baby! Adults can be up to 40 feet long!

This is a Guitar Fish, seen from underneath. Doesn't he look weird?

In the center of this picture (taken from the underneath of the tank) is a Cownose Ray.

Lots of fish. And plants.

Here is an alligator (or a crocodile) basking in the sun. All cold-blooded animals do this to get warm.

Piranhas! Have you ever seen these guys is a feeding frenzy? They can pick a fish clean in under a minute! Yikes!

The river otters were SO CUTE!!! I spent so much time looking at them that my group left without me knowing. Oops.

Well, that's all of my pictures. I hope you get a chance to go to the Georgia Aquarium sometime, and if you do, bring a camera! =)

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Ellie said...

Wow, I loved your jellyfish photos! Campology must have been wonderful!